Our Objectives

The objective of the Association is to promote dance and performing arts in the community and develop children/youth in the field of dance, which could lead to a career in performing arts. The Association will assist students to maximize their talent, dance education and training through competition, exams, performance opportunities and workshops.

The objectives of the Association will be achieved through financial assistance with exam costs, and competition costs such as choreography, competition registration fees and costuming. As well, the Association will provide opportunity to participate in dance or musical theatre workshops presented by established dance teachers/choreographers. The Association will also provide performance opportunities within the Calgary community.

Programs supported by APA are restricted to dancers registered in a competitive dance program at a competitive dance studio as defined by resolution of the members of the Association. The Association reserves the right to extend its support to dancers outside of the above definition.

Our Mission

Statement of our Vision & Values

We act with Integrity; we are honest and transparent in our actions. We have the deepest respect for people, communities and cultures and strive to foster an environment of collaboration through the Art of Dance.